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    Why It Is Important To Be Consistent – And The Dark Truth About Consistency

    I had a mentor that would go to the gym a lot. He wasn’t my personal mentor but I learned so much from his content that he created that I saw him as my personal mentor. He would say that there were some days that he just didn’t feel like going to the gym, but half the battle is just showing up. He wouldn’t judge himself whether he did bad reps or good reps. Working out as best he could was a win, and judging by aesthetics, it was clearly working for him. He would share stories like this a lot to explain why it is important to be consistent.

    So many times someone will set out to accomplish a goal only to fall short of that goal because they just stop. They give in to the thoughts “I don’t feel like it today” , “I’m having a hard day, it’s ok if miss once” but that as we all know is a slippery slope. And l probably could write a piece on that too. “The lies we tell ourselves – our thoughts are not our own” haha sounds like a good title.

    I get what he means though. Honestly there is so much riding on us being consistent in what we do. I mean honestly think back to some dreams and challenges you have had in the past. And even the ones you have now. Did you ever mess up somehow or give up? I have faced multiple challenges and “gave up” because I told myself it was just too hard only to find myself back at it again in a week. What a loser. I don’t think I’m being hard on myself when I say that or encouraging low self-esteem just being a realist.

    Another would be mentor said to me once, If you think how successful people think, do what successful people do, you’re going to have what successful people have.

    But what if you don’t?

    Well, then you’re a loser. You are missing out on what could be yours. Again sorry if that sounds too though, but I want to succeed in my dreams just as much as you do and someone has to tell it to you straight, like they told me. Isn’t the definition of insanity; To do the same thing over and over again expecting different results?

    I have come to know my patterns and bad habits a lot better than I use to and there is no getting around it. I will fail. I WILL fail, if I don’t change.

    I’m all for positive thinking when it’s appropriate, but not when It blinds me from reality. The majority of people have this blind faith that they are going to succeed despite their contrary actions. They are stuck in some bad habit loop that doesn’t support the future they are trying to create. I was too and am fighting every day to break it. Hence, the Blogging challenge.

    Something changed in me recently.

    I was blind to a certain bad habit and it’s effects on me. I coped with it, told myself that It wasn’t as bad and it wasn’t effecting me negatively or anyone else in my life. Until I got burned by my habit and was momentarily trapped and enslaved by it x10 than I was before. I couldn’t lie about it or cope with it anymore. It took hold of everything and threatened everything in my life including marketing, the path way to ultimate freedom in finances, time, and location. For 3 Days I was in fear, trying to contain the situation to prevent collateral damage to everything in my life. Luckily I did.

    This mistake, this failure brought about wisdom that I didn’t have before.

    We Need Success But We Also Need Failure

    So I’m dyslexic and growing up was a bit difficult for me. I barely graduated high school but didn’t feel accomplished. I mostly felt relieved because hell was over. Honestly even now I feel like there isn’t much that I have accomplished. Friends would say that I’m hard on myself. I somehow internalized that being dyslexic meant I was a big failure. I constantly comparing myself to other people and what they were vs. what I was wasn’t. My character and my uncompromising standards were born out of this perceived failure. Although I have mostly out grown this failure complex, When I succeed in marketing, this will be the biggest most satisfying accomplishment for me because I felt like I never accomplished anything but also because I will have turned nothing in to something worthwhile.

    When I decided I was going to be a successful marketer, this began a journey of personal development that I didn’t expect. I started racking up small wins that no one else could see but me. They mostly seem insignificant from an outside perspective. To everyone else the fact that one of my ad campaigns produced a negative ROI meant nothing, but to me having any return on investment at all meant that I was doing something better than I did before.

    I racked up so many small wins that I no longer or hope I success coming from the mental frame of a big failure, but I KNOW I will succeed coming from the frame of being ok with who I am and where I’m and knowing that taking action is the only way to make change.

    This context is important to understand what I’m about to say next.

    Feeling like a big failure and failing are two different things.

    Back then I would fail a lot. But because I felt like a big failure it was kind of expected. There was nothing to learn from it. or so I thought.

    Now that I have experienced some success I have become more motivated because my view of reality has changed, I understand now that I will succeed If I do what must be done within the realm of marketing and personal development.

    That bad habit that I was talking about threatened the success I will obtain and the future of financial, time, and location freedom that I’m creating. That bad habit went unchecked and wasn’t a threat when I didn’t believe I’m my abilities. But now it is, and now it has to be and is being dealt with.

    This brings me to the next point that I learned from this bad habit.

    Recurring Actions Carry Momentum

    The snow ball effect is a theory used to explain momentum. The Idea is when you roll a ball of snow down a hill it will start to collect snow. The bigger it gets, the more snow is picked up with in a rotation. The more snow that’s picked up, the bigger it gets until finally the once pitiful snow ball becomes so big it destroys all forms of existence. lol just kidding.

    The snow ball effect usually is associated with negative out comes but it’s the same with positive ones too. Two forms of momentum were generated out of the situation I mentioned previously. The positive one would be the progression of personal development and marketing skills

    The negative one would be the bad Habit.

    Although I wasn’t aware of it, both of these had their own momentum.

    Marketing and personal development allowed me to change my perspective of being a failure to someone with a stronger work ethic.

    The bad habit grew so big It almost destroyed my goals and other areas of my life. But these problems and success did just happen In one it’s. They came about from the accumulation of micro moves.

    Micro Moves Produce Macro Results

    I’m apart on an online community of affiliate marketers that share tips in marketing, case studies, power moves to make in marketing, and their overall journey to success. I was following the journey of Tiffany Domena, a woman in the top 8 of the community. She wrote somewhere around 100 articles in 4 months maybe more and she had mentioned today in the chat that she was making about $400 in a month from what she had produced.

    Depending on our mindset, we can take that one of two ways. In a years time if we write an article a day,’s we could be making + $1000 every month or we could say “ that’s not a lot. that’s not worth it, there has to be something easier.” The ladder use to be my mind set. Some days I wish It was easier but the reality is, this is what it takes. And this is what it takes no matter what road to success we’re on. however what we neglect to realize is that these micro moves produce macro results.

    If we are looking for better results, even a year might not be long enough to produce the results we want, or the results we don’t want..( I’ll comment more on that in a sec)

    I want to share a story with you from a book I read called: “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson

    The Water Hyacinth

    The water hyacinth is a beautiful, delicate-looking little plant. Prized as an ornament, it sports six-petaled flowers ranging from a lovely purplish blue, to lavender, to pink. You can find it floating on the surface of ponds in warm climates around the world.

    The water hyacinth is also one of the most productive plants on earth; it’s reproductive rate astonishes botanists and ecologists. Although a single plant can produce as many as 5,000 seeds, the method it prefers for colonizing a new area is to grow by doubling itself, sending out short runner stems that become “daughter plants.”

    If a pond’s surface is fairly still and undisturbed, the water hyacinth may cover the entire pond in thirty days.

    On the first it’s, you won’t even notice it. In fact, for the first few weeks you will have to search very hard to find it. On it’s 15, it will cover perhaps a single square foot of the pond’s surface … a barely significant dollop of color dotting the expanse of placid green.

    On the twentieth it’s (two-thirds of the way to the end of the month), you may happen to notice a dense little patch of floating foliage, about the size of a small mattress. You would be easily forgiven if you mistook it for a boy’s inflatable life raft, left behind during a family picnic.

    On it’s 29, one-half of the pond’s surface will be open water.

    On the thirtieth it’s, the entire pond will be covered by a blanket of water hyacinth.

    You will not see any water at all.

    Micro moves produce macro results.

    Something I want to point out here is that the majority of the pond got covered in the last couple of days. We are so use to going to work putting our hours in and getting a paycheck right away. Even other areas in out life make it easier for us to not focus on the long term, like the microwave, cell phones, cars, Everything really. These things aren’t bad, they are all made for our convenience and improve the quality of our life but we have just forgotten about compound interest and long term gain.

    Even for the negative actions we take in our life. It works the same way. It was so easy for me to ignore my bad habit because it wasn’t effecting me to a great degree. Even though I knew it was unhealthy it’s almost like I became blind to the consequences and focused on the immediate desire.

    Whether good or bad. It’s going to catch up to you

    After failing over and over again and giving into procrastination. I have come to realize I don’t have an option. Because I’m running out of time. I’m running out of youth, I’m running out of energy. And my goal is to enjoy my life travel when ever I want to and make enough money that allows for a 3-4 hour work day, so I can do what I really want to do which is practice my social skills by going out and meeting amazing people on a daily basis.

    Consistency is everything. What if the hyacinth missed a few days of production half-way through. It would have taken longer than 30 days to cover the whole pond.

    Chances are if we have that mind set “it won’t hurt if I miss one it’s” we are going to have it again soon.

    And that may be the thing that prevents you from getting what you want.

    The thing to pay attention to are you’re actions you take daily.

    In the end it will all catch up to you.




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    1. Ilana Harel

      Hi Dan,
      First of all You need to be proud of yourself.
      I felt the article is written about me. I really agree with you.
      All of us afraid to fell, make mistakes and to become a loser.
      We are all tying to avoid start doing what we hate to do.
      Mow I decided to start writing articles – I’m afraid especially it’s not my mother language/
      Thanks again.

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