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Whats A Keyword Research Tool? – The Sweet Spot For Unlimited Success

What’s A Keyword Research Tool? (Keyword research tool benefits.)

A keyword research tool is a software we can use to quickly and easily find new, high quality, targeted keywords that otherwise would be impossible to find.


People search over 500 million new search terms a day and marketers compete for traffic from each one.


It can be pretty daunting to know which keyword is going to produce the best results when ranking our articles.


In this lesson you will learn:

  • What a keyword research tool is
  • Vital statistics to know concerning keyword research
  • A look into my favorite keyword research tool and how to use it
  • Who is Jaaxy for?


So What The Heck Is It?


A keyword research tool is a program marketers use to find keywords to rank articles on search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.


The purpose of ranking these articles is to get traffic (people) to their websites for the end goal of making sales as an affiliate marketer.


With a keyword research tool, we will be able to see which keywords generate the most traffic and which do not.


we also will see how many people are competing for these keywords as well.


This is beneficial because a keyword research tool can help us find keywords that offer the most traffic with the least amount of competition, giving us the best chance to rank articles.


The 3 Stats Your Competition Doesn’t Know About


It is simple, and most people do not even know these statistics exist, but they do.


The stats show there is a sweet spot where anyone can rank articles if you understand and implement what I’m about to show you.


An excellent keyword research tool will have some way to track:


  • Monthly searches
  • How much traffic a keyword generates
  • The number of competing websites ranked on google for a specific keyword


Have you ever ranked an article but could not seem to generate traffic or sales?


One problem could be that the keyword that you are targeting bearly gets any searches.


If that’s the case, then it doesn’t matter if you rank first on page one because no one is looking for your article anyway.


Another problem could be that too many marketers are trying to rank for the same keyword.


The more competition a keyword has, the harder it will be to rank #1 on the first page.


The problem could also be that the keyword you are targeting doesn’t focus on buyer intent.


If your keyword research tool can find you a ton of keywords with buyer intent, then that’s a huge plus.


Let me show you how jaaxy; my favorite keyword research tool can quickly discover unique, hot, and untouched keywords that anyone can use to:


  • Rank articles on the first page of Google and other search engines by avoiding the competition
  • Find keywords that get plenty of searches so you can scale your business to new heights
  • Find keywords that have buyer intent so you can get quick sales.


(Jaaxy) The Keyword Research Tool Made By Marketers For Marketers


In this section, I am going to show you how jaaxy, a keyword research tool I use, can quickly and easily find keywords in your niche by utilizing the statistics mentioned above.


Jaaxy categorizes these stats as:

  • Average monthly searches
  • Traffic
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results), in other words, how many marketers you are competing with


In the example below, I have conducted a keyword search for the anti-aging niche.


The keyword I typed into jaaxy is “anti aging cream”


The great thing about jaaxy is that it creates a list of several keywords down the left side and their corresponding stats down the right.


I have rearranged the list so that the most popular keywords are at the top:



“The best anti aging cream” gets a lot of average monthly searches, and if we can rank on the first page, we can generate a ton of traffic.


The problem is we are competing with 159 different marketers.


We most likely will not rank an article for this keyword.


However, what we can do is click on the keyword to search for a more specific one.


After clicking on the keyword a new list auto populates:



As you can see, we have already found a keyword that’s 5 times better than “The best anti aging cream.”


Let’s review the stats.


Keyword: “what is the best anti aging cream for men”


The average monthly searches for this keyword is 199.


If ranked on the first page, this keyword will generate an average of 34 website visitors a month.


The QSR (quoted search results) shows that we will only be competing with 19 other websites.


This keyword has eight times less competition than the previous one.


This keyword would be a great keyword to rank mostly because the competition is low but also because we will be generating an estimate of 34 visitors a month.


This doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the previous keyword, which promises a staggering 778 visitors a month.


However, the chance of our ranking for “the best anti aging cream for men” is significantly better.


Finding keywords that fit within these stats makes the difference between a successful blog and one that’s struggling to get traffic.


Finding these sweet spots will always give us an edge our competitors don’t have.


This sweet spot is what allows anybody who’s new to ranking articles succeed!




Because most of our competition is unaware of how to rank articles using jaaxy, and how these statistics can help generate traffic to create an online business.


Most people blog as a hobby or are not as committed as we are to do the work necessary to drive traffic and grow a business.


For marketers, having a tool like jaaxy gives us an edge over the competition, allowing us to rank articles and create traffic to scale our business. (Click here now to use Jaaxy free)


However, knowing the right stats for a keyword is not enough.


We still have to make sure we give the readers what they want.


This is where buyer intent comes into play.


Buyer Intent May Very Well Line Your Pockets!


Buyer intent is simple.


Keywords that have buyer intent are keywords that produce more leads and sales.


An example of buyer intent keywords are:


  • buy
  • cheap
  • discount
  • shipping


Anything that suggests that someone is about to spend money.


For instance, if our niche is candles, we may want to target “discount candles” as a keyword.


This keyword shows buyer intent for candles.


Here’s a screenshot of me searching up “discount candles” in jaaxy:



This keyword actually isn’t that bad.


With there being less than 100 competitors, if we can write a good article, we may be able to rank on the first page of google.


But Let’s search for a keyword with even better odds.


I scroll down the list of related keywords Jaaxy auto populated, and spot a keyword that has even better odds:



The keyword is “discount candles clearance”


This keyword has:


  • 96 monthly searches
  • 17 website views a month
  • 3 competitors


Can you believe how easy it is to find these gems?


With the help of jaaxy, we can find high converting keywords that anyone can rank for.


Using jaaxy allows us to avoid the competition, rank articles, generate traffic, and more!


Want to give it a try?


Sign up is free!


How Can I Use Jaaxy For Free?


Jaaxy is a keyword research tool made by marketers for marketers.


If you have a blog or website, and you are trying to rank articles for your online business than jaaxy is the key to your success!


With jaaxy, you will be able to scale your online business In any niche by finding keywords that no one else is targeting.


Click “I want to try jaaxy” and Try jaaxy for free!


I hope you found this article helpful!


Do you have any questions about keyword research? Let me know below!


until next time


– Dan





  1. Bob Domingos

    Jaxxy looks like a great online keyword phrase search tool.
    I tried it out and it does everything you said it would.
    Do you always find low competition keywords for the article you’re writing?
    If all the keywords have a lot of websites writing on that topic, what do you do? Would you find another topic to write about?
    Thanks for the information.

    • Dan

      Hey Bob! glad you like the tool. It’s my favorite. Yeah, I shoot for low competition keywords. Even though the traffic is a lot lower, its a lot easier to rank. Unless you already have a big audience and a lot of authority in your niche, it’s next to impossible to rank for keywords with a ton of traffic because of all the competition and authority you’re competing against. I don’t ever feel a need to change the topic. So far I can always find a keyword in the sweet spot that I can rank for. The best way to start out is by picking a super general keyword. So for instance, If I was in the coffee niche I would find an affiliate program that fits that niche, maybe one for coffee mugs. Next, I would search Jaaxy by typing in “coffee mugs” then reorganize the list that auto populates showing the most competition to the least amount of competition. I usually try to find keywords that have less competition than traffic but it’s not required. I just did a search for coffee mugs and found a keyword with buyers intent “discount custom coffee mugs” the competition for this keyword is 24 and the traffic is 100! this is a perfect keyword to rank for. That’s really all it takes. If for some reason I can’t find a keyword right away, I just keep digging deeper into the rabbit hole of the auto populated list until I find one that meets the standers of the sweet spot! very simple to use. Hope you enjoy it friend!


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