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    What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Start

    If you couldn’t tell by the name of this website it’s basically all about marketing and the journey to becoming the best marketer you can be. But I want to take the time to talk about how anyone can simply and easily learn how to market online.

    If you have read any of my other articles you would know that I have actually been in the make money from home space for about 3 years. I have had my ups and my downs, did things the wrong way, then went back and learned how to do things the right way.

    I may not be a master or a guru in the marketing realm, but I have a clear understanding of marketing at this point and how to achieve my goals.

    Now why am I throwing you down the rabbit hole of marketing when all you really want to know is how to make money from home?

    Honestly because whether you thought about it or not, making money from home is actually starting a business from home. Unless you are trying to do the surveys everyone is recommending, but you aren’t going to make much. And I’m guessing what you want is to make enough to quit your day time job.

    So that being said if you want to work from home or start a business from home you need to know marketing.

    This might sound like such a big task to learn but its actually not. Let me spin it to you like this. Have you ever ate at a new restaurant that just opened up and loved it? You might have gotten that savory juicy Bourbon stake and just had to tell your friends about it.

    You probably didn’t think about it that way but that is marketing.

    If you type “top 10 restaurants in my area” right now in google, you could probably find an article that shows just that. And guess what that’s somebody’s blog and they are more than likely making money with it.

    How would you like to get paid to try the restaurants in your area and give an honest review of them? Sound delicious !

    You don’t have to market just food though. You can market anything!

    What’s the one thing you think about the most; that you know about the most; that you have an interest in. That is a market that’s waiting to hear your thoughts and opinions.

    So how do you get started in such a lucrative and creative job. Well you start by learning how to market. I have been a part of an online community of marketers for about 3 years now.

    The great thing about it is the membership is free. It kind of reminds me of Facebook for marketers of all levels. It’s not uncommon to talk to the top 25 marketers with in that community.

    Everyone shares their journey and progress they have made so far. It’s really encouraging to be a part of a group so focused on success. On top of that there is a plethora of training to take advantage of so you can learn step by step how to market and build an income from home.

    What are the skills I need to learn?

    The first thing you will learn is how to build a website. It sounds complicated but honestly its really easy. By the end of the 3rd lesson you will understand the concept to making money online and be able to effectively chose your niche to work with in. The training is step by step and so easy anyone can do it.

    By lesson 7 you will have your own website set up and ready for you to start producing content kind of like this post you are reading now.

    By lesson 10 you will understand how to do key word research and find the best keywords to rank you content and start generating traffic to your website.

    Traffic refers to website visitors and is how you will start making money.

    Is this for me?

    Well if you are worried about if this is going to be hard than I can tell you that its not, But It can be a lot of work, and does require a little bit of creativity, but I believe we have all these things. And anyone who really wants to make money can learn how to cultivate these skill sets as well.

    If you don’t want to take the time to build an online business and reap the rewards than this is not for you. There is no getting around it and there is no short cuts. But its well worth it

    Want to learn more? create a free member ship now and get started Here.

    To your MASSIVE success!





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