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    I Forgot how hard life can be. You remember that

    \I forgot how hard life can be. You remember that feeling you got when you first jumped into the marketing space?

    I remember. I was so excited I would lie awake in bed dreaming of my mansion off the coast of Miami. I would imagine my Lamborghini parked on the driveway. I was thrilled.

    But going through this, the journey isn’t. It’s not exciting; it’s painful.

    Is it like that for all marketers? I’m not sure. I have a desire to push myself and my skills to the highest degree, and although I talk about my “mentors,” these aren’t in-person mentors. Some of them I have been in contact with, but others are just marketers with powerful brands and living their best life. It would be ridiculous for me to try to connect with them, even though I have attempted a few times.

    So who’s going to be hard on me and force me to grow? Me.

    It’s a thought experiment I started to entertain these past couple days.

    I’m a part of an online marketing community, and I hear about the success these marketers have, but what my attention gravitates to more are the people who have been in the game for quite some time, but haven’t made any progress.

    I know it’s no fault of the community. The community has amazing training.

    If that’s the case, then it must be the person who is at fault. I could very well be that next person. The one some other marketer wannabe is looking at and wondering “why is that newb doing so poorly in marketing”.

    But I’m not. I can’t be that. So I have to be my own mentor. I have to be the one to whip myself when I want to slack. I have to be the one that says

    “hey you let your stress get to you at work today, and you shouldn’t have. That was your first mistake. Not letting go of fear and allowing yourself to worry.

    #2 You let that stress get in the way of writing an article for your blog so now you have to stay up and do it before you go to sleep no matter how much sleep you may miss out on.”

    That’s exactly what I thought to myself because it’s true. It happened today. I was stressed, and I wasted a good 3 hours of free time, not writing shit because all I could do was worry.

    It wasn’t until 3 hours before the end of my shift that my mind became clear and my heart lifted back up to good spirits. I thought about it afterward.

    ” What happened to the stress” I was worried all day, but it has vanished.”

    I researched a while back how to be happy with what I have now.

    I would find myself overeating and depressed because I was unsatisfied with what I had in life.

    I knew this was wrong. If I allowed myself to be unhappy while I have nothing, I would be unhappy while I have everything. I didn’t want to rely on material things to be happy. I still don’t, and I’m still working on this.

    I came across a program called transformation mastery. It was meant to bring you more in touch with yourself and emotions and help you understand what’s keeping you from enjoying life right now.

    I learned that what you resist persists. You simply need to let it go.

    That’s exactly what happened. I stopped worrying, and I actually let myself relax. I got on my phone and started playing Brawl Stars. (I’m addicted)

    Part of me wonders if I should have taken that time to write a post for the blog, but I decided against it. It felt good to just let go of it all even though I knew I would have to write when I got home.

    However, what I didn’t deal with later, I have to deal with now.

    It sucks because I’m tired and want very much to sleep. So I learned my lesson.

    DO NOT procrastinate


    Learn to let things go that can’t be changed. There is less stress that way.

    I know this article is a bit all over the place, but I wrote It on the the fly.

    I hope you can learn from my mistakes.

    To your MASSIVE success!





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