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    How to make money online in affiliate marketing.

    The internet is popping these days. Not so long ago, the idea of making money online was a very unrealistic dream, but since the success of Amazon, many others have joined the movement and started figuring out different ways to make money online.

    One of which is affiliate marketing. And in my opinion, is the best way for ordinary people like you and me to make a substantial amount of money without having to go through the struggle of building up a business. In this article, I’m going to tell you how to make money online in affiliate marketing and how you can get started learning everything you need to know.

    first and for most…

    What is affiliate marketing?

    online marketing

    Have you ever bought some super dope shoes like the new Gary v 004 high Tops, and you just have to tell everybody about them because you just love them so much?

    We actually do this all the time, and not just with the things we buy.

    We do it when we try new food and its really good, or when we heard that latest song for the first time by Christina Agular “like I do” ( I know I’m a whole year late, but that song is bangin just had to bring it up) and you just have to share it.

    Being social creatures, we really just like to share everything we experience.

    And this is what marketing is. That, in particular, is actually word of mouth marketing and is very effective.

    the only problem with it is

    we ain’t getting paid to do it, damnit!

    and that’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

    What if you told everyone where you bought your shoes, and for every person that also went to that store and made a purchase, the store paid you a commission for referring them.

    Sounds dope right? Well, it’s real! We already do that, so why not get paid for it.

    How to start online affiliate marketing?

    The best way to start is by thinking about what you are interested in. Chances are there is an affiliate program for it.

    You can search on google your interest + the word affiliate program after it. for example: “poker affiliate program.”



    And check out the results that populate. Usually, they will tell you how the affiliate program works and how much you will make per referral. Once you know what you want to affiliate for its time to start telling people about it.

    As easy as I made it sound, it actually can be a little bit of work to do this.

    The reason why is you probably don’t have thousands of friends that genuinely know like and trust your judgment on what product they should buy and want to actually part with their money.

    Let’s be honest, even if you have 20 really close friends, they probably don’t all think like you, dress like you, and like all the same stuff or also want all the same stuff that you do. Different people like different things.

    And even if they did, you can’t rely on 20 people for the rest of your life to generate a life-changing income.

    So what do we have to do? We need to learn how to find people that are interested in buying whatever we are affiliating for.

    In marketing, this is called driving traffic. The cool thing about online affiliate marketing is that there are literally millions of people online, and all of them are a click away. You can do this through social media, forums, or creating a blog. Pretty much anywhere there is a lot of people hanging out online.

    You are the Authority

    It helps to be interested and to know a lot about what you are marketing because you will be able to share more about it quickly and sincerely. With friends, it’s not so hard convincing them to buy something you both have an interest in because they already trust your judgment.

    Online it’s different. Nobody knows who you are or trusts that you have their best interest in mind.

    the next thing that you have to do is build up authority.

    You can do this by creating what marketers call content. This is the sharing part that I mentioned before.

    A good example is this blog it’s self. All throughout this blog you will learn about marketing, mindset training, overcoming mental blocks and more because those are the sort of things that I’m interested in and like to talk about, so it’s easy for me to share it.

    as a result, I attract the people that want to learn marketing, midset training for success, and overcoming mental blocks.

    To these people, I am providing valuable information.

    Value Value Value

    value is everything. Whenever you share, you must provide value to your audience. The best way to do that is to focus on a particular group. Or niche of individuals and share (produce content) with them relevant information about what they want to know. this can be

    • how to sites
    • review sites
    • news and events
    • education

    Or anything you can share information about or teach. When you can provide value in that way, you are enhancing the quality of someone’s life and tipping the reciprocity scale in your favor.

    When you help someone out with what they want to know, they become interested in what else you might have to offer.

    They come to know you, like you, and trust that you have their best interests in mind. Basically, you make a friend out of them.

    So as you can see, it can be a lot of work upfront but honestly probably not harder than what you are currently doing for a living if you are disciplined. After all, you basically become self-employed and are your own boss.

    It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

    I hope this overview gives you a better understanding of how this works.

    online affiliate marketing is a skill set that takes time to learn just like going to school to get a degree.

    This can’t be rushed. There is only one type of person that will succeed with this, and that’s the person that is persistent, consistent, determined, and patient. If you have these qualities, you will go far.

    If you are just trying to get rich quick, unfortunately, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I wouldn’t waste my time trying to make it happen.

    Any thoughts or questions on how you can learn more? Leave me a comment below love to get to know you.

    Too Your MASSIVE Success!






    1. Kathy Burch

      Oh My Gosh Dan, thank you so much for your Post! That is exactly what I am all about as well. I heard about Affiliate Marketing many years ago, tried to look into it, but alot of Mumbo Jumbo I didn’t understand until I “fell over” a “Blog” about Wealthy Affiliate just recently. I’m not sure what’s a Blog, what’s a Post, and yuda, yuda…. But I am on a Mission to learn. We have a lot in common with the Mindset topic and the Mental Blocks. Your “Article”, maybe that is a word from back in the day… I’m from then… or your Post was very good I thought. Easy to read and since I read “word for word” and usually out loud… I’m pretty good at picking up sentence construction. Whether from was used instead of form that Spell Check doesn’t pick up because it is spelled right just not the right word.
      I live on You Tube all about the Subconcious mostly and working on my blocks and or the Law of Attraction since we do attract what we don’t want just as well as how do we attract what we do want? I really enjoyed your Post and I look forward to connecting with you again. It’s very late and need to get to bed. I will catch you soon ok?

      • Dan

        Thanks for the comment, Cathy! I’m glad you appreciated the article. I find that marketing in and of its self is a journey of personal development; of becoming the person that IS successful. If you think how the successful think and do what the successful do, you’re going to have what the successful have. I’m on this journey as well so I’m glad my experience can help you grow.
        talk to you soon


    2. KatMac17

      What an awesome way to describe affiliate marketing. I really like that you narrowed down your example of the not all your friends will buy the same stuff as you, then continued to narrow it. This is a fantastic analogy of how affiliate marketing works through the idea of not everyone will like what you’re promoting, but it’s still a numbers game. The more traffic you get, the more people who will likely click through your links. However of that traffic, not everyone will buy. So it makes sense that it takes time and effort and learning to be able to figure out how to make affiliate marketing work for you. Excellent post helping someone understand what affiliate marketing is. Thanks for sharing.

      • Dan

        hello KatMac17, thanks for sharing. Overall marketing can be categorized as traffic and conversions but it’s so easy to get lost in all of the buzz online. My goal here is to break this down for everyone that wants to go on this journey so they may understand it. Glad you appreciated it.


    3. Carol Celestine

      Hi Dan. This blog is so easy to read through. Your chosen example to define affiliate marketing is a realistic one. The google search screenshot that you have inserted here, really serve to prove your point. I have gain some new ideas here as to how to perceive affiliate marketing. Thank you for such a useful blog.

      • Dan

        Glad I could help you out Carol. Feel free to look at my other articles as I’m laying it all out right here on this blog.
        To Your MASSIVE Success!

    4. Mohammad

      Affiliate marketing is a huge business nowadays because so many people use the internet and buy from the internet. It is interesting how you mentioned starting affiliate marketing online we should ” The best way to start is by thinking about what you are interested in” start with something we are passionate about which makes our job fun not only working. I liked that.

      Thanks for the info.

      • Dan

        Absolutely my friend! after all, most of us hate the jobs we work at and pick up something Marketing to get away from the everyday dread of the 9-5 Job. I find that I’m not even motivated enough to market something If I’m not even interested in it. well because It just becomes work.
        thanks for the comment Mohammad


    5. Fiona Chan

      I agree that affiliate marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Online affiliate marketing is a skill set that takes time to learn just like going to school to get a degree. It takes so much time to learn day by day, from ranking websites, building up websites, install plugins, write quality posts, drive traffic. All are skills and we have to be very very very patient. It’s not a make rich fast formula.

      • Dan

        Hi Fiona, I totally agree with you. That’s why I hate some of the ways people do marketing, especially when it comes to the “Make Money Online” niche. A lot of Marketers especially on social media will make it seem like you can make $90,000 in 90 days or something crazy. The truth is they really are making that much money, but what the neglect to tell you is that they have already put in all the work to learn how to build websites, copywrite, drive traffic, track statistics, brand build, content market. I mean I could go on. But my point is if we don’t already have all those skill sets and have spent the time energy and money to build up a brand and an audience, then there is no way we could make that much that fast without dumping some serious cash into our marketing campaign. and even then the first couple months ROI will most likely be negative.

        but If we invest in our selves and learn how to rank content than anyone can learn how to do this without having to spend money on our marketing campaign, it’s a lot more cost-effective and these skill sets are with us forever.

        thanks for sharing Fiona!



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