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    how to create content for a blog – Struggles and Pain VS. The Secret Sauce

    I woke up this morning to a text from a friend and marketing peer named Chris. Chris and I meet up every week to talk about goals in marketing, our lives, and even what we are struggling with.

    Today I could tell that Chris was on fire. I read his text about how motivated he was to change his life circumstance and become and become the ideal version of himself in health and wellness, happiness, and financial success. On the flip side, I was feeling quite the opposite. I thought about his message for 20 minutes after he had sent it, and slowly became inspired.

    Chris’ energy had changed the direction of my day. And it really got me thinking. I have a dream to live in a condo in Miami, to market full time, and spend my nights socializing. That’s it. Nothing fancy. But I realized I lost touch with what I wanted out of life. What I wanted to accomplish and how to go about doing it.

    After all, the reason why I’m in marketing is to gather enough money to fuel the lifestyle I want to live. I think at times I can forget about that, especially when life pushes back, but sometimes you got to push harder, and I plan on doing that by working on this one thing every day.

    Content Marketing

    I have a goal to create content for my blog every day. But sometimes I’m just not in the mood or feel like I don’t have the material write it. I think that’s a huge mental block that people have when creating content. Although I have been marketing for quite some time, I’m still relatively new to creating content.

    A lot of my journey in marketing was trying to figure out how to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. I decided to take short cuts, buy traffic from a second-rate marketer, or use swipe copy in my emails verbatim. I bought every program out there that had to do with building sales funnels or email marketing and sent out salesy emails to people who didn’t really care. Basically doing everything except the actual content marketing part of it.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter if you know how to structure a sales funnel or set up a follow-up series in your email autoresponder. If you don’t know how to content market, you aren’t going to make much progress.

    So What Is Content Marketing?

    I heard someone ask what was the difference between marketing and sales once. The answer was that sales is trying to get someone to buy something. But marketing is all about positioning yourself and letting the qualified individuals (people who are interested in your product) come to you.

    But how do you attract qualified individuals? With content marketing, of course!

    If you were selling a dog training program, how would you target people that had dogs and attract them to eventually buy your dog training program? There’s no way around it, you have to create content, and in this case, you would create content on “How To Train Your Dog.”

    So the goal would be to find QUALIFIED leads or potential people to buy your product.

    The thing about the internet is that when someone has a question about anything, they are more likely to look up that answer on YouTube or google before asking someone about it. It’s just easier that way.

    You can type in the words “how to … fill in the blank,” and you will find an article or a video about it. This works so well because it’s super targeted. No one who has a cat is going to look up a video called “how to get your dog to stop barking at strangers” There is no need for them to know that.

    Another plus to content creation is that consumers do not feel like they are being spammed by random adds because they are actively searching for your content. In marketing, content creation is the beginning of what we call a sales funnel. I can write an article about that later, but the basic idea is, no one ever buys a product from a random company or freelance marketer right off the bat. Well, let me not say nobody. I think the percentage is like 1-2% of the time that someone will buy.

    But the majority of people are just doing research and gathering information about what they want to buy. So chances are if someone is researching dog training. They have come across multiple dog training courses already. These are the 98% of people that are researching. On average, they will not buy from you until they have been exposed to your brand 6-12 different times. Does this sound at all familiar?

    People buy from those they know like and trust. When you have repeat visitors to your website, social media emails, etc. You are building your authority in your niche, and you are building a relationship with the consumer by consistently providing value to them. If they relate to you and your experiences and like the value you provided, then you will win out over your competitors in the “dog training niche” or whatever niche you are in.

    When I first started marketing, I create ads, sales funnels, and email marketing campaigns that were basically spam.

    This is how a prospect would see that method of marketing:

    “yo, what’s up. I see you have a dog. You want to buy my dog training program. It helps people train their dogs and stuff..” “hey it’s me again the guy that’s trying to sell you on my dog training program. Want to buy it? No? Not yet? OK, I’ll ask you again tomorrow” “hey remember when I said I’ll ask you tomorrow? Well, today is tomorrow…”


    You see what I mean. Obviously, it doesn’t go like that for real. But that’s what the consumer sees when you aren’t creating content, and you aren’t providing value.

    Instead, it should be more like you are talking to someone that has an interest in the same area that you do. Except only you know more about that area and you want to share it with your new friend. You don’t necessarily have to talk to everyone or anyone for that matter although it may help to increase depth with everyone you speak to, but primarily you do this just by creating content

    So If you have been following my blog, you probably have heard me talk a lot about content and why it’s so important. But have you ever tried to create content and just draw a blank? This is another mental block that I had to overcome and still push to overcome.

    I’m So Shallow, And You May Be Too

    I remember the first form of content that I started pushing out daily was on my Instagram account IG@dream_grind_shine. I saw so many accounts that created a motivational quote with awesome luxurious pictures in the back round, and I was inspired to do the same.

    Although I had no idea what my niche was, what product I was marketing, or how it all fits together, I knew I wanted to make these quotes because somehow by doing it, it made me a legit entrepreneur. And to be honest, I still love the quotes. I may get back into it, but I actually stopped some time ago.

    Each day I searched for a dozen photos and quotes to match to them. I edited the photos and typed the quotes over top and put a drop shadow under it to make the words pop. It looked so good. And slowly I started to build a following. But most of what I was doing was just what everyone else was doing only, in my humble opinion, I was doing it better…

    However, the more quotes I made, the more I felt like I was running out of Ideas. It became harder and harder to come up with original pictures and layer them with different quotes. The bigger accounts were pumping out 6 to 8 photos a day I was struggling to get 3 consistently. (It’s a little harder than it sounds) I found out later that most people just outsourced that kind of work to someone else.

    Although a lot of people were offering me cash to shout them out on my page, I wasn’t producing any real leads for my business. That partly may have been do to shiny object syndrome and consistently changing my offer, not having a clear direction in where my marketing campaign was going, or really even having a marketing campaign set up for that matter. I was a complete newb.

    But if I had to pick one main reason as to why I didn’t make that much progress, it would be because my content was so shallow. It didn’t provide any real value except for those people that wanted to be motivated to “work hard grind now shine later.”

    So what’s the fix?

    Invest, Learn, Do, Teach (The Secret Sauce)

    I can’t remember where I learned this from. But this is the power formula for creating great content.

    You invest your time, energy, money, or any combination of the three.

    You learn what you have invested in.

    You do what you invested in.

    This might be the most crucial step out of all them. It’s easy to spit out knowledge like a textbook, but when you actually do something, it provides context for the last step, which is teaching, or the content creation portion of these steps.

    When you can speak from experience, it adds a layer of relatability in your content that anyone that’s on your journey can get behind. After all, people only buy when they know you, like you, and trust you. So don’t hold back, your actually marketing yourself more than anything.


    When done right, content marketing should leave your prospects with a fresh perspective and a desire to learn more about you and your brand. As long as you provide a ton of value you which you can do with the Invest learn do teach method you shouldn’t have any problems building trust with your audience. Well, now that you have invested your time and energy into reading this piece of content, its time to take action on your new perspective! So go learn something new and try it out.

    I hope you got tons of value out of this. Have you had a similar experience and felt stuck or uninspired in your journey? What have you done to overcome these issues? Let me know by commenting below. Always nice to hear from you.

    To Your MASSIVE success!





    1. Tracy Hansen

      Invest, Learn, Do and Teach. The Secret Sauce is a great formula. I often have a mind block or lack of motivation and I forget the importance of content when I’m working on my blog. Much like you, I try to stay focused on what is important to me in my future and get back to writing more content.This post is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

      • Daniel Ortiz

        Hey Tracy and yeah focusing on your reason for doing what you do is probably the best way to make sure you follow through on taking action. If you don’t have a strong reason it will be harder to stay motivated and get the work done! thanks for the comment!


    2. Charlene Muir

      Dan your article is so relatable I can tell you are writing from your true experience . I believe the key is to be consistent, write great content with the motive to serve others and then the money will come later. Best wishes

      • Daniel Ortiz

        Hey Charlene! I agree. There is a saying in the marketing realm that is: Fall in love with the process! or what we are doing at the moment. that’s when we do our best work!

        to your MASSIVE success!


    3. Paul Laux

      I love what you have brought to the table. this blog has given some insight that I needed for me on a very deep level. I would recommend to double check the post for missing words or double words. I would also say with a post like this if your up to it, place some images in a couple of places to spice it up. Overall well done and keep up the great work.

    4. Nate Kidd

      Your points here are spot on. Content is king. Providing quality content and over delivering on value is what will gain the know, like, and trust factor that is necessary in this business. Sales funnels have their place in marketing but if you rely on that form of marketing you will not be successful.

      Create quality content and people will come to you instead of you chasing them. There is no chasing necessary. Use SEO to your advantage and create the type of content that solves a problem and your success will not be a guessing game, it will naturally happen.

      Thanks for sharing such a quality resource.

      • Daniel Ortiz

        Nate, I agree with you 100% Content is king for sure. These days people want information in the form of blogs and videos, really anything! If we can give them that value, we can start building rapport and a healthy relationship with our audience! thanks for sharing man.

        talk to you soon


    5. Rique Wolf

      Great INFO Thanx 🙂
      Learning to Share my Story 🙂

      • Daniel Ortiz

        Absolutely, we never stop learning and branding yourself is probably the best way to relate to others.

        To Your MASSIVE Success!


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