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    • What Is Mental Block?

      You ever have one of those days when you try to be productive, but you can’t seem to get any work done? Outside of marketing, I work a full-time job, and I’m fortunate to have many breaks in a working day. However, a working day consists of a 12-hour shift. So I basically wake up…

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    • How to make money online in affiliate marketing.

      The internet is popping these days. Not so long ago, the idea of making money online was a very unrealistic dream, but since the success of Amazon, many others have joined the movement and started figuring out different ways to make money online. One of which is affiliate marketing. And in my opinion, is the…

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    • About Dan

      My Journey I remember waking up one morning with my heart beating so fast it felt like my chest was going to explode. Anxiety and fear gripped me as I stared at the clock. “I should be getting ready for work,” I thought. But my body didn’t want to move. I hated work. I was…

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