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    Blogging Challenge

    Hey, what’s up? Dan Here.

    I’m writing this from home. Which is excellent because lately I have been working on my blog at work which is also great but now that I’m at home, I have a little more time to focus and get into the flow of writing. As a content marketer, I think it is essential to get in the flow and to create without holding anything back. This may be difficult at times depending on how much you know about your niche, but at the same time, I feel like people really complicate this.

    I like to treat my blog as an online journal mostly because It allows me to share my journey with you. I kind of despise marketers that pretend to be something they are not. I think marketing myself, and my progress is a great way to relate to other marketers who are building up their skill sets as well.

    So that being said, I would like to post this challenge and share with everyone that’s reading this blog. Since content marketing Is actually new to me, my challenge is to create content every day for the next 30 days.

    I think this is an excellent challenge because It forces us to solve the problem of finding the time to do it. I actually started this challenge four days ago, but because I was so busy with my day job and creating the actual content, I only found time now to post this challenge.

    The purpose of this challenge is to loosen up and produce creative content. Each piece of content we create is like laying down a brick to build an online empire. The beauty of mastering SEO is that when done correctly, SEO can generate you thousands of leads in a day from all the content that we create.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have these residual leads coming into your business every day? I think so too! I’m not sure how long it takes to rank content on Google or any other search engine, but I’m doing this challenge to find out the answer to that question as well.

    So the goals here are to:

    1. Write everyday

    2. Rank a piece of content on the first page of google

    3. Start generating leads to my website.

    You can choose to stick with my goals or create your own set of goals. Doesn’t matter as long as you are creating content!

    So now it’s official! Work hard and stay motivated!

    To your MASSIVE success!



    Do you have different goals that you want to accomplish? I’m interested in knowing what your experience has been in creating content or what your goals might be. Comment below and let me know!




    1. Teodor14

      Hey Daniel, I like the challenge.

      To be honest about myself, the last month my content writing slowed down, as I got a job in a different country, and it makes me either too busy, or too tired. But mostly the both. I am not giving excuses, just pointing out. It’s until the middle of September, so I told myself I will go slowly til then.

      Another thing that slows my content creating is the optimization and the design improvement on my website.

      I try making a blog post for a week or so, but sometimes it takes more time. Can I do it for a week? Yes. Why don’t I? Because it gets overwhelming. One should be enjoying writing, not getting overwhelmed and tired. Plus when somebody is tired (as I am from the seasonal job), the process of writing wouldn’t be as good.

      So I am going to accept the challenge, but when I get back, lol.

      Thank you for the post,

      • Daniel Ortiz

        Hey, thanks for sharing! The challenge is your own! you can follow it however you wish so long as you are pushing yourself to grow. I dod understand we are all at different stages and life and we are all working towards greatness. #1 thing is that you stay consistent!

        To your MASSIVE success my friend!


    2. Angela Teresa

      Those are awesome goals! I wish I could do a post a day but my goal is to get out 2 per week for now. Mine are usually more of research pieces but I want to try to work in more personal posts so that my readers can get to know me better! They are also a lot quicker to write and could fill in between the others. I have only had one article rank well with Google, it’s on page 2, but it still doesn’t get great traffic through searches. My traffic mostly comes from my social media accounts but I would love to be getting a lot more traffic. I need to stop obsessing over why they aren’t performing as well and just keep writing and focus on mastering SEO!! Thanks for the motivation and I will join you in at least writing daily and working towards getting ranked better! Good luck with your challenge!

      • Daniel Ortiz

        I love that! I do a lot of personal posts as well usually explaining what I learned and the experience that brought about muy new-found knowledge! most of what I write about is mind set from books but its usually not until I go through something In life that a deeper and personal context brings relevancy to the knowledge acquired! I also like personal posts for the same reason. I like for people to understand who I am through my message. Good job though! This challenge is your own and you can push your self however you see fit, just as long as you stay consistent.

        To your MASSIVE success!



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