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    About Dan

    My Journey

    I remember waking up one morning with my heart beating so fast it felt like my chest was going to explode.

    Anxiety and fear gripped me as I stared at the clock.

    “I should be getting ready for work,” I thought.

    But my body didn’t want to move.

    I hated work.

    I was a Sales Rep for a Large company selling cable and internet to People who already had it.

    I was supposed to walk up to random strangers and use high-pressure sales tactics to get sales, but the only thing that was high was my blood pressure from social anxiety and moving way far out of my comfort zone.

    I had to quit.

    I called my boss and told her the good news…

    Needless to say, she was pissed and tried to convince me to stay. She makes 10% commissions from my sales.

    However, I Felt trapped so I said goodbye.

    Immediately I felt mixed feelings.

    Among feeling an immense amount of weight lifted off my shoulders, my heart also became heavy.

    “I always fail…
    All I want is to be successful and prove my worth”.

    I became depressed. Deep down I knew I was meant for something more but nothing ever worked out.

    A few days later I was researching NLP which is some sort of positive thinking mind tactic to set goals and accomplish them.

    At the bottom of the NLP website, there was an Icon that said: “chat with a rep about NLP”.

    The man’s name was Julian.

    I told Julian about my failure complex and much to my surprise he suggested that we get on a phone call to have a more fluid conversation.

    I ended up venting to Julian about my whole life and how I was socially awkward, introverted, Dyslexic and because of all of that, I felt like I never accomplished anything or that I ever could.

    After listening to me complain about my life for a whole hour, Julian finally opened his mouth with a question.

    “Do you know the story about Diamond Dan?”

    I hesitated, I knew he was about to pull this story out of his ass.

    “uhhh not real but you can tell me…”

    Julian proceeded,

    “Well, It’s a story about a piece of coal.

    “Dan the coal had a such a hard life that he constantly felt an immense amount of pressure and it would only increase each day.

    The pressures of life were so great that one day coal Dan became Diamond Dan.”

    I smiled to myself. It was a corny story, but it made me feel a lot better.

    Could life really shift from something so hellish to what I equated his story to be as a luxurious and meaningful life?

    “Dan,” Julian said.

    “Life may be hard right now but you can’t give up. If you do, you will never become that diamond. But if you Keep on keeping on and continue to face your mountains you will grow into an amazingly strong individual. I believe in you!”

    I thanked Julian for his story. He also invited me to come to a $2000 seminar, but I declined.

    At the time I thought $2000 was a lot to spend on a seminar. I didn’t even have that money, But what he said to me that day stuck with me this whole time.

    That was the start of my journey into personal development and an obsession for becoming financially successful.

    I started researching online how to make money and found many ways, but the way that stuck out to me the most was Affiliate Marketing. I research as much as I could about affiliate marketing. At First, It seemed so amazing it was like a dream.

    Countless stories of people getting started and within months were making 90k plus.

    I bought into the dream, but I soon learned that it wasn’t as easy as these well crafted sales videos made it seem.

    Regardless I became even more Hungary for knowledge on how to make this work however the more I learned the more confused and dismayed I became. It seemed like there were about a billion different ways to do this and everyone was telling me that their way was the best way.

    But in a world of business opportunity, marketing and a promise for financial freedom, I would more times than not, end up networking with other novices trying to convert me into a sale, and never learning how to actually market.

    That is until I met a man named Billy who taught me the importance of being able to generate my own Leads.

    When it comes to marketing, generating leads is everything.

    And so after spending 30k over the course of 3 years to find the answers, My obsession became focused and I would go on to learn as much as I could about Lead generation.

    My Mission

    I have made a lot of mistakes on my journey and have spent more money than necessary to learn what I know.

    Although obtaining financial freedom isn’t as easy as every business opportunity makes it out to be, I believe that everyone deserves financial freedom. What none of these business opportunities tell you is that learning to run your own business, more than anything, is a journey of personal development.

    If you are like me you probably got into the marketing and business because you have dreams of living a financially free life. You may have even seen luxurious ads of the lifestyleprenuer living it up on a beach or cruising in his Lambo and thought to yourself ” That’s going to be me one day.”

    But what many people don’t realize is that they are only viewing the finished product of this man’s journey which is his awesome dream life. They didn’t see him at his worst striving to become the man that he is today, and that’s what I want to address with this blog.

    The journey to becoming an extraordinary marketer starts with developing yourself to be that person.

    that being said. my mission is to help you overcome the mental limitations that are holding you back.


    My goal is to show you how to become the Man or Women that is The “Extraordinary Marketer” by helping you exceeding your mental limitations so you may thrive as an online marketer!

    To your MASSIVE Success,





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